Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Skinny on Fats

For many years there has been a misconception about the fat we eat and the fat in our body. Starting with elevated cholesterol on a blood test, to doctors telling their patients not to eat diets high in saturated fat because it will raise your cholesterol. We now understanding that it is not fat that increases cholesterol in your blood or contributes to fat in your body, but rather sugar is the biggest culprit.  Unfortunately even though we now understand that sugars, and not fats, are the biggest problem with elevated cholesterol and obesity, we still get very little information on how we should be consuming appropriate fats and avoiding hydrogenated fats and oils in our diet.

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Brain Sucking Zombies

Have you ever awoken from a deep sleep in a cold sweat in a dark room scared to death from a nightmare where a zombie was trying to eat your brain? Zombies are mythical creatures defined as the undead mindless corpses that want to feed on human flesh. Super scary right? Well as scary as these mythical creatures are in fantasyland it is becoming a reality that we have a pandemic of brain deterioration and the creation of a zombie mind state that is creating many social and economic problems in our country and our world.

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