Monthly Archives: March 2016

All Relationships Require Good Communication: Your Body’s Included!

The most important relationship anyone can have is with your own body.  Your body is your vehicle to move through life and accomplish all the things that you want to do, however, your body requires constant communication throughout every system in order to maintain balance or better known in the scientific community as homeostasis. There is physical communication, chemical communication, and energetic communication happening at all times in our body. Unfortunately we have become good at ignoring our body’s communication methods and often try to override our communication systems pushing ourselves to work harder or endure some pain or discomfort. This is really detrimental to our body’s wellbeing.

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Sustainable Life Energy

One of the most common complaints that people that seek healthcare advice and treatment for, is fatigue and lack of energy. It is a major problem in our society and has great impacts on our lives and ability to function productively at our jobs, in our homes, and how we interact socially with others. When you feel fatigued it is difficult to have a positive outlook on life and be able to contribute to others because you go into survival mode trying desperately to take care of yourself. Unfortunately, overcoming fatigue can be much more difficult than just trying to get more sleep. There are multiple body functions that must work together to help your body sustain the life energy you need to function optimally in our society

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