Safe Fun In The Sun

Summer is a time for being outside, enjoying the lovely weather and sunshine.  In recent years, however, our fun in the sun has been tainted with thoughts of the damaging effects of those warm rays.  We have been bombarded with information about the harmful effects of the sun on our skin, everything from premature aging to skin cancer.  So we lather on the sunscreen.  Now we hear about harmful chemicals, potentially cancer causing, in the sunscreen that was designed to protect us.  Do we throw away the sunscreen and take our chances with the sun’s rays??  Well, like most things in life, the best path lies somewhere in the middle.

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Dying to Be Beautiful

 Ever wonder what those ingredients listed on the back of your shampoo bottle are??  You know, all those weird names you can’t pronounce.  They sound scary don’t they – Diazolidinyl Urea?  Well, its not like you are eating it, right?  But did you know your skin is highly permeable, which means anything you put on it gets absorbed into your body.

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