Tensor Facia

Why Stretch?
Stretching exercises encourage lengthening of your muscles and associated tendons. Short and tight muscles can lead to pressure on nerves and pain. By its effect of lengthening muscles, stretching promotes flexibility and full range of motion about your joints.

Hold the stretch for 15 seconds in each leg 3-4 times per day

Tensor Fascia – outer hipTensor Facia1

Rest your hands on a table or wall for balance
Cross right leg behind left
Place feet about a foot apart
Try to keep posture fairly upright while pushing
your right hip outward
Feel stretch along outer side of right hip
Repeat for opposite hip


Tensor Fascia – outer thigh from hip to knee

Stand with left side arm’s Tensor Facia2length from a wall
Place left hand on wall for balance
Cross right leg in front of left leg
With weight mainly on left leg, lean left hip
toward wall
Feel stretch down outside of left leg
Repeat for opposite leg

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