5 Small Changes for Weight Loss

 It is easy to gain weight and hard to lose it, we all know the truth in this saying.  Yes, gaining weight can be quite easy with the average person gaining 1-2 lbs per year.  This means a healthy 130 pound 18 year old could become an over weight 170 pound 38 year old.  Losing weight may seem overwelming but with a few small changes it can be easier than you think.

The “small changes approach” is a movement began by Dr. James Hill, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  He says, “small changes are more feasible to achieve and maintain than large changes.”  How true is that!!  Lets explore some small changes you can make to achieve a heathier, slimmer you for many years to come.

1. Decrease or eliminate sugary drinks.  Choose to have water with lunch instead of a can of pop.  If you just can’t give up the pop, try mixing ¼ cup of fruit juice with ¾ cup carbonated water – all the fizz with less calories!!  Don’t go crazy on the juice though, fruit juices are very high in sugar, so make sure you water them down if you choose to indulge.  You can significantly cut down on the amount of sugar you consume in a day by these simple changes.

2.  Take the stairs.  It has been shown most weight gain is due to a small discrepencies between calorie intake and physical activity.  This differential will not cause you to gain weight over one day, but over years it can cause your weight to creep up.  Choosing to take the stairs or parking a little further away from the store can help bridge the gaps between calorie intake and physical activity.

 3.     Choose smaller snacking portions.  Not ready to give up the potatoe chips for good just yet?  Fill a small bowl with chips while you watch your favorite T.V. show rather than sitting down with the whole bag.  Often times when we are watching T.V and eating we do not realize how much we have eaten.  Eating a small bowl rather than the whole bag will decrease you “junk food” calories significantly.  

 4.    Choose whole grains/flour over white grains/flour.  Switching to whole wheat flour, brown rice and other whole grains is a simple change.  Making these choices will make you to feel full longer and have more energy, meaning you will eat less and be more active.

 5.    Make protein a part of you life.  Incorportating protein (nuts, meat, eggs, tofu) into every meal.  In just a few days you will notice you are hungry less often and snacking less.  When you need a snack, incorportate a little protein also, it helps to stabilize your blood sugar and keep away the afternoon “crash”. 

Try these simple changes and in no time you will watch you appetite and waist line shrink. 


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