Abdominal Isometric

Abdominal muscles are important for core stability and all functional movements. Isometric contractions facilitate muscles, helping them to contract and build strength in a safe non-dynamic low risk way to avoid injuring other areas of the body.

Squeeze hand and knee together and hold contraction for 6-10 seconds. In the beginning it is better to start with less contractions and less time holding the contraction to build strength and endurance in the muscle safely.
Abdominal Isometric
– Lie on your back on a comfortable flat surface with knees bent and feet flat on floor

– Tilt pelvis forward, flattening back against floor

– Hold this position throughout exercise

– Bend one knee to 90 ° and place same side hand on leg

– Inhale and on exhale slowly tighten your abdominal muscles
push your hand against your knee while resisting your leg

– Hold position for 6-10 seconds

Do 5 repetitions on each leg the first day; add 1 more repetition each day until doing 10 repetitions
Repeat on opposite side
Perform exercise in AM and PM

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