Calf Stretch – Gastrocnemius & Soleus

Why Stretch?
Stretching exercises encourage lengthening of your muscles and associated tendons. Short and tight muscles can lead to pressure on nerves and pain. By its effect of lengthening muscles, stretching promotes flexibility and full range of motion about your joints.

Hold the stretch for 15 seconds in each leg 3-4 times per day

Gastrocnemius – calfCalf
Stand facing a wall and placing hands on wall at eye height

Step right leg back

Bend /left knee

Gently lean into wall while keeping back leg straight

Keep heel of right foot on floor

Feel stretch in back of right calf

Repeat for opposite calf

Soleus – deep calfdeep calf
From gastrocnemius stretch position move right foot forward a few inches and bend right knee

Continue to keep heel on floor, leaning body forward

Keep pelvis tucked under and don’t arch foot

Right knee should be over and in front of right foot

Feel stretch in lower third of right calf

Repeat for opposite leg

Massage the bottom of your feet with a golf ball or similar small hard ball, this loosens up the plantar fascia and helps the calf muscles to stay loose. Use pressure on the golf ball to tolerance, it should not hurt, start easy and gently work deeper into the fascia of the foot over time. 5 minutes each foot per day is great. Put golf ball in an old sock or old pair of pantyhose to keep it from rolling away from you.

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