X-Pattern with Door Jam Stretch

Stand in door jam hands first at Shoulder height (picture A) elbows below hands, and step through the door jam (do not lean through, you should be able to remove your hands at anytime and not fall over)

Combine the door jam stretch with the x-pattern stretch for a better stretch of the anterior and posterior neck muscles. Look down at a 45 ° angle toward your front leg, feeling stretch in the back of the opposite side neck and shoulder, hold for 1-2 seconds feeling a stretch and then look back at a 45 ° angle away from your front leg feeling a stretch in the front of the neck on the same side as forward leg, again hold stretch for 1-2 seconds. Repeat 5-6 times, and then switch sides, stepping through door jam with opposite foot and repeating the x-pattern stretch on the opposite side.

Next move your hands up the door jam so your elbows are at 90° angle from your shoulders picture (B). Repeat instructions for neck pattern stretch for this position too.


Neck2door jam 1door jam2


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